08 June 2017

"Even The Happiest People Get Lonely Too"

Even the happiest people in the world get lonely too! Do you believe that too? I do. Because even I, known as a happy person with a happy disposition currently succumbs to a kind of sadness, that it started to scare me that I feel drowned in sadness that will end up in a severe depression. How it all started? I am trying to recall situations and events that lead me to this, but the things that are clouding my mind are the things that get or became monotonous to me. I am a plain housewife, as plain as a plain bread, plain white, and dull as seems to be. I do not abhor nor hate this role, in fact, I feel that this is the reason of my existence. My husband is not to blame for this, he is still the best husband for me, he even tries to mitigate the situation, and I just feel that it is only in my head. I am trying my best to become productive as much as I can, in anyway I can, but there are times that the sadness I feel creeping on me, leaving me blank and empty. I was planning to call my doctor or a health professional in this case, but then, when I feel happy again, I set aside the plan. As I am typing these words, I feel my struggles to remain a happy person for the sake of my family and for myself too. Still too early for me to feel that it is a middle life crisis! On my free time, I write, I photograph, but I feel they are not enough... But then, I am writing this, because writing my feelings is always my form of release and relief.


  1. Yes it is true sometimes is every person lonely.
    Because all kind of things get around in your mind.
    And that is for everyone different it is difficult to deal with it.
    But try to be positive all is it a small thing .
    Greetings from your friend Peter :)

    1. Thank you, oom Peter! I feels good to know that there are people who understand. Good morning!

  2. Replies
    1. Hahaha yes see you on 23 juni, Jan! At Kade 40 😊 Thank you!