01 July 2017

My winning photo at the photo exhibit of Vlaardingen door de lens van...

My winning photo; a surprising beauty just in the neihborhood.

My apology for it takes a week before I found a time to write this blog. It was an overwhelming experience for the recognition with my passion in photography. There were many entries but only forty photos were selected for the photo exhibition at the historical art building Kade 40. The photo exhibit is still on going till the 7th of July. If you will see this photo, maybe you will also feel that there is something on this photo that made the juries to decide that it will be also selected. I think this photo tells something about me as a person. I love peace. I am not only a peace-loving person. As much as possible, I also try to become a peacemaker. In this world where full of hate and strife, it feels good to be at peace with others and also with ourselves. What do you think?

with my inspirations.

stickers from the likers :)


  1. Congratulations on your award! It is a magnificent photo indeed. It is also nice showcasing your talent with others, it helps boost confidence.

    I am sharing my photography passion with my boyfriend and we are having our very first wedding event in August. :D


    1. Uh Thank you so much for your appreciation! And best wishes!