30 July 2017

What Makes Me Happy

It is those simple things that make life truly happy.

A happy me
Those little things that make me happy
Simplicity, sincerity, hearty
The sunset, the sunrise, the rain, the stars
The flowers, the trees, the evergreen grass
The river, the bridge, the horizon beneath
The see, the sand, the waves, the surf
A freshly baked cake, the bread in the toaster
The old clothes in the cabinet, the nostalgia they bring
The faded photographs in the shoe box, the rhythm of the old clock
The soily fingers after gardening, the smeared apron after cooking
The sight of a dear friend, the caring thoughts of a stranger
My family, my solitary times, the free will to decide
My openness in praying, and most of all my answered prayers.


  1. In the beginning of august there ar lots of meteors to be seen in the sky so if u want a Ferrari theres ur change.