22 August 2017

A Morning Walk In Schiedam, the Netherlands

I am a flower lover anywhere.
Motherhood has taught me to become more patient and the self-sacrifice. But it is all worth it. Another milestone, my son is now in basis school or the elementary school. He has regular five days a week, morning and afternoon schooling.
Schiedam Centrum

A typical Dutch flower shop.
If it's excites my son, it excites me too. The life of having a time again for myself, for my hobbies, and a time to go out alone while he is in school. This morning, I went to the next city, in Schiedam. Schiedam is a bigger city than our city, Vlaardingen.
My Gambian friend.
My Gambian friend was with me. Her two daughters were also in school. We just stroll around the city, having fun, making photos, and inhale the air of temporary freedom.
at the top of Passage

At the time that we fetched our children, my husband was about to touch down in Amsterdam from Finland. While me and my friend were walking, I told her: it is great to become a mother.
Time for a delicious Surinamese bites.
It looks like in a book.

I feel the fulfillment in life, and I am happy that I am also a good mother. For now, I want to share some photos I made with my friend in Schiedam. It feels good to have fun every once in a while.


  1. Thank you that you love motherhood.All picture are very beautiful.At least you are so pretty.

    1. hahaha! Thank you for the appreciation. I think it is my happy heart that makes me beautiful :) Good evening!