21 August 2017

A Monday Thoughts Of A Beautiful Sunday

Sunday was beautiful. 
The windy day gets warm
with the bright summer colors.
I took my time to walk,
my usual Sunday walk with my son.
I was wearing the beautiful and colorful
African dress that matched well with my red pump shoes.
The African dress was a gift from my beloved husband, 
from his recent working trip in Nigeria. 
What makes my Sunday always beautiful is 
that the morning is well spent on spiritual nourishment, 
afternoon is a quality time with my family. 
It is either watching a good movie with my husband 
or having a good and a long afternoon sleep in bed. 
As I am writing these lines, 
my husband is in his working trip to Finland, 
I am pondering with my thoughts 
and delights, 
and thinking how my life changed, 
but thankful for having a place where I called home... 
I am loved. 

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