19 August 2017

The Zommerterras in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands

At the city of Vlaardingen in the province of South Holland, the city where I live, there is a special event every year, every summer of the year. It is the Zommerterras.

The event is special, wholesome, and good for the entire family. Today, me and my family went there. Every year, the Zommerterras is being held at the huge and beautiful Oranje Park. From where we parked our car, we took a few meters walk in the Oranje Park to the Zommerterras.
My eyes were festive with the scenery. The lakes, the small bridges, the towering trees, the so green, green grasses, and the wildflowers.
My heart was in excitement because this is my first time to go there with our àlmost four year old son.
I am excited for him. I made some photos that I want to share. Enjoy the weekend, anywhere you are in the world.

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