10 August 2017

My Son's Farewell To Preschool

My little prince's last day in preschool

One of the greatest joys in a woman's life is motherhood. Nowadays, where world promotes self indulgence and self-gratification, I would say that motherhood and good parenting are a highest form of unselfishness and unconditional love.

The moment that I became a mother, I said to myself, I am also going to become a great mother. As I watch my son grown, how he became a happy and an "always curious" child, I would say that I am doing well too my part as a first time mother. It is a happy thing to see our children's milestone. It is like, we cannot stop them from growing, to take their own steps into the real world, and eventually to follow their own dreams.

I would like to share with you through this blog the joy that I had felt when my son said farewell to preschool. The simple farewell party that me and his teachers prepared for him. My husband was on his working trip in Poland when we have this small party so he was not able to join us.
About two weeks from now, summer vacation is done, and my son will start in basis school or the elementary school. If there are special things in my life that I am very grateful with, I surely count on in my joys of being a mother to my son.

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