05 August 2017

Online Shopping, Just One Click Away

Online shopping is just a click away

Online shopping has become a multibillion-dollar revenue stream--not to mention it has completely turned the path to purchase on its head. -CMO
in less than a month I reached level 7

Wish, my favorite shop

Online shopping became a fast trending lifestyle for the past few years until today. My Dutch husband prefers to shop items we need online than going to an actual shop or store. During his free time, he enjoys browsing for items displayed on various online shops. What he usually viewed are gadgets, car stuff, and for our home.
My ethnic shoes

With one of my first purchases

My pretty shoes

My cute wallet

I am not into online shopping, not until recently. When I saw this ad of the online shop named Wish. I saw it on Facebook, I clicked it, I fell in love with their items, and now it is like a history to me! Hahaha! My first purchased were one blouse and two pairs of shoes. I made the payment through my credit card (I am an extension of my husband). I feel so euphoric with shopping and swiping online! Hahaha! And that heavenly feeling when one of my purchases was delivered. Waiting for my purchases to arrive is like waiting at home for a love letter! Hahaha!
I still love to shop my stuff (clothes and other of my girl thing) at H&M. But there is something with online shopping that I also enjoy... The power of just a click with your hand. 

Some tips for online shopping:
-read reviews
-shop only to a reliable shops
-follow the instructions especially on size chart
-brows items regularly, so you can check the sales items.
There are items that worth 50 euro today, the next day it becomes 15 euro!

Happy shopping!

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