20 September 2017

My First Taste Of Cataplana (Portuguese) At Chillers Emmeloord

my plate of cataplana consists of squid, crabmeat, shrimp, mussels, and three kinds of fish meats.
Dining out is a part of our family life, if not of social life. During vacation, dining out with family is one of those special moments that we love to remember, then afterwards. We still have two days left before we go home. This evening, we went in Emmeloord to have dinner.
Chillers Emmeloord
We have dinner in Chillers Restaurant. The restaurant has a fantastic view, it is beside the look lonesome bridge, it sits in the river. Inside the restaurant, the staff guided us, we can choose any area we like. If ever I am alone, I would love to sit outside, in the terrace, facing the river. Since we have our little boy, and Gimma (I am Gemma), my mother in law's dog, we took our place inside the restaurant.
my glass of Oreo cappucino

Chillers Emmeloord serves international dishes. I ordered their Portuguese cataplana. It really surprised me, that my big big bowl of cataplana consists of sea foods and many vegetables. They served it with rice. This is my first time to eat a Portuguese food/dish, and I really enjoy it!

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