24 January 2018

Philippine Holiday 2018: Manila, A City That Never Sleeps

After an àlmost 14 hour flight, I with my family arrived in the Philippines last Saturday, 10:15 in the morning. From Amsterdam, we have only a thirty minute stop over in Hongkong. From the coldest days back home, we are now enjoying the tropical weather. We first stayed in Manila for two days and two nights, have the chance to see a very good friend of mine, as well as my former boss in Citibank years ago, before me and my husband met. We stayed in Princeton Residences in Quezon City, a condominium with two bedrooms, a living room, toilet, and bathroom. At the 7th floor, there is a not so big swimming pool that all guests must pay 150 pesos each. We stayed at the 23 floor. From our room window, I admire the view. The view of Manila on daytime, as well as the Manila on night-time. The lights, the glitters. I have some photos that I want to share. Photos of Manila. Manila, a city that never sleeps.

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