10 January 2018

A Beautiful Vacation At Vakantiepark Eigen Wijze

One moment in time.
A group outing or just a family vacation... in a holiday park. Before 2017 ended, me and my family have a week vacation at Vakantiepark Eigen Wijze.

Me at the entry gate of the vakantiepark

The welcoming reception hall of the vakantiepark

After I enjoyed our vacation in a Vakantiepark Hoenderloo, this time, at Eigen Wijze, the holiday experience was worth remembering.
Our bedroom up in the attic


Even the roofs are scenic

sheeps facing my camera :)
The cabins are uniform. From small family cabins to a group accommodations, everyone can enjoy the beautiful space, the serenity close to nature, and the round lake that you can watch while enjoying your cup of coffee.
A beautiful sight to hang around 

many kinds of mushrooms that I found

My Dutch family
The barns of this former farm have been converted into cozy group rooms with their own toilets, terrace, dining tables, cozy seats and kitchen. I love our bedroom at the small attic. They also provide canoe so you can glide at the lake whenever you want.

Vakantiepark Eigen Wijze lies between National Park De Weerribben - Wieden, very close to Giethoorn. Vakantiepark Eigen Wijze is also a comfortable place to stay where you can easily visit the real former Zuiderzee villages, such as Lemmer, Blokzijl and Urk by car. I want to share again some beautiful photos that I made at Eigen Wijze.

you can visit their website via this link: www.vakantieparkeigenwijze.nl


  1. Wat leuk!! And I agree about the scenic roof!


    1. Hi Charlotte! Thank you for your appreciation sorry for a very late reply. We have been from a long holiday in the Philippines. Just sad we got sick when we're back home in Holland due of the very cold weather the past weeks.