03 January 2018

Tips For A 2018 Healthy Lifestyle

I don't have a New Year's resolution. I am happy to face another year of my life with my loved ones. The chance to change for betterment is a day to day chance, as well as a day to day challenge. To change and to become a better person for the sake of a tradition is for me shallow. The effect can be only short term, and perhaps not intended to touch lives. I have my lists on how we can make ourselves a better person, not just for ourselves but also for others.

1. Turn off your phone... A bit more. Why? So you have time to look the people you love in the eye.
2. Be more polite. Let us check our manners. Good manners can take you to the place where you have never been. Whether it is a simple please and thank you, you can brighten someone's day. Don't also forget to be polite to the text messages that must be acknowledged.
3. Be more organized. Be it cleaning your shoes, unclogging your bag, or being on time.
4. Minimize your shopping/material goods.
5. Take time to walk, because walking prolongs life.
6. Frown less. Smile more.
7. Have more self control. Have the courage to say no.
8. Do something nice to others. It is worth remembering there is a whole world too.
9. Get more quality sleep. With glowing lights and beeping alerts with these all sorts of gadgets, we should be gunning for at least eight hours of sleep at night.
10. Stop procrastinating.


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    1. thank you too for the time to read and for your appreciation.

  2. Charlotte again! Glad to see other regular bloggers! Teehee! Lovely photo and (non) resolutions. I agree, it's about daily mindfulness, really. And rest! Haha! Bless! Best! :-)

    1. Hi Charlotte! Thank you! Looking forward for more fresh blogs these coming days :) Good evening!