13 December 2017

Our Fifth Year Wedding Anniversary; Celebrate With Me!

If there are many beautiful love stories in the world, the love story of me and my husband is my most favorite! Hahaha! I never expected and it was not in the plan that I am going to meet a guy through the internet, to fall in love, and to get married.

Our love story is now a history. 
After our 12-12-12 wedding in

the Philippines, he took me to the Netherlands, in his home
Thai Chicken Soup

where is also now my home. We were blessed to have a son, he is now four years old. I still love to recall how we met, how things fall into the right places between us throughout our marriage. And we both glad to celebrate our fifth year of our marriage. Yesterday, we celebrated it by just having a simple dinner together with our son at Delta Hotel Vlaardingen. Our celebration is just quiet, simple. The Delta Hotel is a fifteen minutes drive from our home. The night was freezing, but the ambiance as well as the food were very warming.
At the lobby of Delta Hotel
The staff and crew of Delta Hotel reserved us a table with a great view. From where we were sitting, we watched the passing of the cargo ships in Waterweg, the continuation of the big Europort. I love to share with all my readers, this one of the special days of my life. One that I love to celebrate every year until forever.

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