05 December 2017

The Beautiful Dutch Winter On My Mind

This picture of a foggy morning reminds me of certain book cover. At the Oud Haven

It feels really good to be back... To sit for a while and to write. I have some special things on my mind that I want to jot down, but free time sometimes elusive now that my son is already in the basis school and has five days a week schooling. 
The delicious erwtensoep (pea soup) by my husband

It is a relaxing time for me to compose what I feel. It is December already. The Dutch weather is very unpredictable, but everybody is already on with their winter gear, the temperature gets low that I wish I can stuck warm in bed forever. And perhaps next week will be snowing. My son always tells me now about snow.

What makes the Dutch winter special? Maybe because I came from a tropical country, that is why the four seasons always mesmerizing. The beautiful sights of Dutch winter always attract me and holding interest as if by a charm. The peak season for tourist in the Netherlands is during summer. The statistics show that tourist numbers are lowest in winter. Popular tourist areas and attractions are less crowded. It gets dark early, most people find it cozy, some find it boredom. Trees are now bare, their time to rest until next spring. I also come to love the Dutch erwtensoep (pea soup), the famous winter soup in the Netherlands that my husband deliciously cooks. There are more to see in the coming days of the Dutch winter. It only just began. I have some photos that I want to share... No snow yet... But it is officially winter! 

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