25 November 2017

A New MacBook To Fuel My Blogging Life

From my love for my love of writing: a new MacBook
As I am writing this, I feel like it is a turning point in my blogging life. The time that I was about to stop writing, that is the time that  got a very special present from my husband, a new MacBook Air. I was not expecting it. I did not expect it. I blog to my heart's content. I write whatever my heart pleases because for me, writing is my form of release and relief. I have readers around the world, and I am grateful to Google for placing ads in my blog. I feel a sense of accomplishment even for just a little personal earnings from there, because inactivity is worse than failure. I am a full time mom, a full time housewife. Spending some of my free time in writing a blog is a mind enhancement. My husband is very supportive in each of my endeavors. He is happy to see that I am enjoying life. I am happy, I feel so blessed. With my new MacBook, I promised to myself that my blogging life continues... With more colors and meaning.


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    1. Hahaha thank you! I need more inspiration to keep on writing!

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    1. HI Istariray! Thank you so much! Yes, I am working hard now to get back on my blogging and bring fresh blog as much as everyday! :) Sorry for my very late reply.