15 November 2017

Visiting The Batavia-Werf, Home Of The Century Old Batavia Ship

The century old Batavia
In the Netherlands, there is this place named Batavia-Stad, the center of outlet shopping. It is a walled center of branded goods such as Sketchers, Esprit, and Benneton.
Looks like an skeleton of the ship. The ship reconstrucion site

my Dutch family in the "flagship"

old canyon inside the Batavia

Ropes of all sizes made for the ship

This traditional blacksmith made a beautiful souvenir for our son

This Batavia-Stad is in the Lelystad, the Home of the Batavia-Werf. What is Batavia Werf? Batavia Werf is a shipyard that uses the traditional Dutch shipbuilding techniques to create authentic constructions of famous ships such as the Batavia.
Me and my family visited Batavia-Werf, and it was an awesome experience, not only for me but for our whole family. What made the Batavia-Werf a must-see place is that it authentically reconstructed the 17th century VOC ship ever made. I was fascinated when we went on board the Batavia that moored across the road. The feeling was like I see Captain Hook there. Inside the Batavia remains a lot of replica from the bygone era.
An ancient navigation system
There are old canyons that were used to protect the land from the enemies. It is like a scène in an adventure movie. Aside from that, we also explored the shipyard, see the traditional crafts in workshops, and the work-in-progress in reconstructing a ship. It was a great experience. When we went at the gift and souvenir shop, I was a bit disappointed that the book Batavia is not available in English.
Me on the top :)

At the lower ground of the Batavia
We ended our tour by having a cozy lunch at the restaurant just there at the Batavia shipyard.
A huge shipyard that visitors need signs

At the Batavia gift shop
If ever you will be visiting the Netherlands, you can add the Batavia-Werf in Lelystad in your itinerary. It is really worth your trip.


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