30 July 2018

The Salt Making In Dasol

"As early as 1878, Dasol was not as a municipality as it is now, but was part of San Isidro de Putot municipality which include the present municipalities of Mabini and Burgos." -Wikipedia

The salt beds in Dasol

Dasol is a small town in Western Pangasinan, located on a scenic plateau. In the Philippines, Dasol is a famous town, it produce commercial salts. We traveled in a highway from Iba in the province of Zambales bound to Alaminos, Pangasinan. I already have an idea how the people in Dasol make salt, I have learned about it when I was a third grader. Dasol Bay occupies the entire coastline of Dasol, the town gets its salt water there, fed into large square ponds and water is drawn out through natural evaporation. We stopped for a while when we passed these breathtaking salt beds. I get out of the car with my camera and was giggling when I have made some photos of this place that I have known since childhood. That was almost twilight. The sun setting, the sight was quite, dramatic, the smell was of salt and earth. The next time you sprinkle some salt in your food, maybe you will remember Dasol, the humble home of salt.

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