07 June 2016

Keukenhof The Largest Tulip Park In The World

Keukenhof 2016
I remember I first saw the photo of this place when I was a kid. It is on the calendar that hangs on our wall. I thought that beautiful garden with so many flowers doesn't exist, I thought it was only a calendar. Not until I saw it myself, right here where I now live.
My first time in Keukenhof, 2013 
my son, Keukenhof 2015
What I am talking is the Keukenhof. The history of Keukenhof goes back to the 15th century. Keukenhof meaning is a kitchen garden. A vast area for an ordinary kitchen. Since The Netherlands is home of royalty, Keukenhof has also a castle. When you visit the garden of Keukenhof, the castle lay nearby. In 1950, Keukenhof opened its gate to the public. In that year alone, 236,000 visitors came and the Kuekenhof was an instant success until today.
One of my most favorite photos, Keukenhof 2015
This year is my third time to visit Keukenhof. My first time to see Keukenhof was when I was pregnant with our son. When I first see that seem endless flower beds of tulips, my feeling is both like I am going to fly or I feel like I adrift in a sea of flowers. It was all so wonderful. I think each year, the visitors continue increasing.
pretty in pink
We travelled there by car, but there are also special bus trips for tourists from Schipol Airport direct to Keukenhof. I saw many Asians, I saw car plates from Switzerland, Denmark, and Latvia. Keukenhof is considered as the most renowned and the largest garden in the world. This year, we invited my mother in law to join us.
The we of me with my mother in law
Between me and my mother in law, we both love gardens and flowers. If you have not yet visited the Keukenhof, picture this in your mind: a spacious 32 hectares of more than 7 million bulbs. This springtime, Keukenhof has 800 varieties of tulips. Yes, they are so many! I still have the child heart in me so when we were there, I like to have a photo with each color of the tulips!
flowers that are so variety in beauty, in colors
The entire day would not be sufficient if I will do that. Every year, Keukenhof has a different theme, so it is never the same. This year the theme is Golden Age, for its 67th edition.
The highlight of our day was when my son saw the man-made brook, he run fast and started to take off his shirt and short and like to splash in the water.
My mother in law was very fast to grab him! If you would like to visit Keukenhof, you can come to the Netherlands in springtime.
Since Kuekenhof is called as a spring park, it is open from mid-March to mid-May. But you will see the tulips in their most beautiful bloom around the last week of April till the closing season of Keukenhof.
Keukenhof is in Lisse. It is a half hour trip from major cities like The Hague, Haarlem, and Amsterdam. You can book your ticket online. You can note in your calendar the date of the opening of Keukenhof in 2017 so you will not miss it. It is 23 of March to 21 of May. Maybe I will see you there!


  1. What a beautiful park, I see you visited it many times :D
    That's wonderful!