29 September 2016

A Pondering Thoughts Of A Plain Housewife

my new role in life: a homemaker.
I was folding laundry in our bedroom, on the next room is our son's bedroom. He is sleeping, a good afternoon sleep, not just what other moms called power nap. We have a leisure walk from school, funny because not yet winter, but I am already wearing my parka, and my son is wearing the new raincoat that my husband just bought. The summertime finally bids goodbye, and the cold, wet months now takes up. Daylight is late, sunrise coming out between 9 o'clock or 10 o o'clock or most of the times, a dreary and cloudy day, the entire day. I'm getting used to it.
I love to be married to the man I love and now, I am a plain housewife in my own terms.

I still not unpacked from our long weekend in Hoenderloo, I have just made of it this afternoon. It is not easy to fold or to pack or unpack when you have a toddler around. I did it while my son is sleeping. The next time I checked my phone, I have a missed call from my husband. I call him back. He said he just wanted me to know that he is not going to eat dinner at home. He is still in Germany and will be coming home a bit late. I said okay, I will just eat dinner with our son. My husband's job requires him to travel most of the time. Around Europe and around the world. Again, I am getting used to it too.

Now in my solitude, I started to write again, my thoughts, my feelings about... Being a "plain housewife". How plain? Hahaha! Sound silly? For many women, it might sound punishing, boring, simple or unproductive life. Well, I am a plain housewife in my own terms. I stay at home with a very occupied mind. It is not easy to become a stay at home wife when in your previous life, you are an active and outgoing person. On my part, the adjustment is not that severe. I am used of a quiet life, I was a homebody, and still I am.
One of the keys to happiness and inner peace is when we are grateful for what we have.. and find the reason why we do not get everything we want in life. -Maggy

I am a plain housewife in my own terms. If other housewives who are in the same shoes as mine despises the simplicity of the term "plain", on my part, I am loving it! I enjoy the role of taking care the needs of my family, spending much time with our son, the enjoyment I feel with my hobbies, and the most precious time that I spend just to be myself.

Here are some of the things that most "stay at home" wife like me can do to keep on track with her social life and her sanity intact. Forgive me for the term, but I love using powerful adjectives.

1. Have a hobby. What are your strong points? What is your talent? Why not doing them in your spare time.

2. Have time to be with trusted friends.

3. Take some time to pamper yourself. Be it in the hair salon, beauty saloon, or go out to a moderate shopping. Being a plain housewife or a stay at home wife does not mean that you will induce yourself a domestic helper! Hahaha! It is a blessed position to be called a housewife. Never forget that.

4. Keep the communication open with your husband. Marriage life is a partnership, not a guessing game. Do not hesitate to tell your husband your needs and concern. The more we open up our feelings with our spouse, the more we gain their love and respect.

5. Do not compare your life with others. This is the most common traits among housewives. The comparison will put you into misery. I have learned that one of the keys to happiness and inner peace is when we are grateful for what we have... And find the reason why we do not get everything we want in life.

Good evening, I have to go now to prepare a light dinner for me and for my son.


  1. You have a beautiful child and a beautiful family and I believe that your way of seeing life and way of livig that makes you as you are, calm and peaceful.

    1. hi Florentina! I think that is much very true. Sometimes I am thinking if I would be this happy if I don't have my husband and my kid. Our points of view really matters to become successful in our endeavor. Thank you once again.

  2. Keep being you. We only get one chance at life, we should all be proud and happy at what we do, especially if it's for our loved ones. Ingat ka Maggy!��

    1. god evening, Kay! Thank you for the comment! Yes, life is short to live with many regrets in life hahaha! Ingat ka din lagi! Uh so sweet to speak Tagalog with you!

  3. Love your Blogs and outlook on life 😘

    1. thank you so much for your appreciation, Anne. Good evening!