29 September 2016

A Short Story Of Kindness; Five Kindness Quotes That Will Encourage Us To Be Kind

In life, I have learned that kindness can be lifesaving.
I have been at the post office early morning today. I was in the jeep going back home when my eyes were caught by the sight of one of the passengers, an old poor man on crutches. After a while, he shyly talked to me... It was difficult for me to hear him, it was noisy on the road, but what I understand on his gesture is that he needs something. He needs 5 pesos because he does not have enough money for his fare. All the jeepney passengers looked up at me and they're awaiting my response. I asked the old man where he will stop and just don't be bothered because I will just pay for him. When the jeep stopped and for me to go, the old man hold my hand, his hand was cold but his grip means so much: a sincere thank you. The look of his eyes registered in my mind! I think of how many times, people who are totally strangers, extend their help and kindness to me, and I want to do the same. We do not need to go into heaven to experience being touched by an angel... It feels so good to feel that even on earth, there are still people who act on our behalf as if they are heaven-sent! If we feel we have a kind heart inside, even the smallest act of kindness can prove and show that we have a kind heart outside.
For many people, kind words are all they need.

kindness makes us truly beautiful regardless of how we look like :)
kindhearted people are usually had good sleep at night.

the echo of kindness is endless.

As I was cleaning my files this morning, I found this note, note that I have written down five years ago. I was still in the Philippines and working. Every day I took a jeepney ride, a common transport service in the Philippines. I read and reread this note.  Kindness is the quality of being warmhearted and considerate, and humane and sympathetic... No, not just sypmpathetic but empathetic. I look for some kindness quotes that I can share. Do you also believe in the power of kindness? I do.

Kind people are my favorite people.


  1. Great post Maggy! And yes, I believe in the power of kindness...and kind people are my most favorite people in the world. Too bad, there isn't very many of them out there anymore. Thank you for sharing this post!!!

    1. Hello, Kay! Thank you for visiting me and also for your comment. You know, those people who are rude and no compassion to others are very ugly in my eyes! Hahaha Really my turn off :(