28 September 2016

What Is In Your Bag? List Of 15 Items That I Always Carry In My Bag

My blog and my bag... are extensions of my personality. -Maggy
Have you ever wondered, what is in your friend's bag? I'm sure you do. For all men, it's a mystery why does women carry huge and heavy handbags, when we only need a wallet, keys and our cell phone. This is true because I notice, especially working girls that they are carrying heavy purses, sometimes they are carrying two bags even they will only go to the office. Why do we, women carry around our purses all the time? I remember, one time my husband asked: "why you have so many bags, mahal?" Hahaha! I was laughing and replied this; "because I am a woman, mahal." Yes, bags are part of woman's day to day life.

We wear or we bring them every single time we go out of the house: to shopping, to work, even when we're going for a hike, every single time we go out. I think about my bag as an extension of me. Why? Because my bag is always there when I need it, it keeps the most important things I need throughout the day and it's also a pretty accessory. Most of the times, when I was still single, my bag sleeps with me. We also love our bags because they complete our outfits. I done a quick reading and list some essential things for us as women that we can put in our bag. Light and small items only that can fit in a not so big bag though I love big purses. Here they are. You can comment if you want to add something that I've missed.

* wallet/card/money
* keys
* mobile phone
* a compact mirror
* cosmetic bag (Pinays have kikay kit)
* hand sanitizer
* tissues
* gum
* hair items (hair brush, hairband, pins)
*  paracetamol
* pen and notebook. I always have reading materials too in my bag like our Bible tracks and our Watchtower and Awake Magazine.
* a bottle of water
* snacks for my son.
* compact camera because my iPhone always no space hahaha
* last but not the least, now that I am a mother, I always have wipes, diapers, and extra clothes for my son.

Bag or shoes? Me? Bag! I love bags! How about you?


  1. Wow, your bag looks like mine, with the difference that I have no items for kids because I don't have kids, and I for work have to carry my stampers, cards and acces passes.I have a huge, huge bag because when I get back, I often stop to buy last minute things for dinner. The truth is that I have more shoes than bags but I couldn't go on without the right bag! :D Have a great evening!

    1. good morning, Florentina! hahaha you know, we as women seems like to carry the whole cabinet! hahaha `i love big bags, but I also love purses. Have a nice day and thanks for commenting.

  2. have you changed your blog's template?))

    1. Hi Good morning! Yes. I always change my template hahaha how iT looks now?

    2. Good afternoon) i find the new one merrier. The preivous was a bit too dark for me.

    3. uh thank you! I love this one with a transparent backround. dont know till when hahaha! Have a nice weekend!

  3. I don't know what I would do without my bag! I carry around so many things. Sounds like you are prepared for any situation! Have a good week :)

    1. Hello Ramona! Thanks for dropping by. I am trying but sometimes I still forget something that must be in my bag, have a nice weekend too.