30 September 2016

My Newest Addiction: Macro Photography

I do not like life to get monotonous. 
There are some lines or quotes that the moment you saw or read it, it has a sudden lifelong impact for you. It happened to me. Two decades ago, I have seen a poster on the wall of a neighbor. It says there: "the world if full of beauty when the heart is full of love." I took this line until now, I am using it for some photo caption, or sometimes when I reply a photo comment.

I don't like life to get monotonous. Every day I check either in our garden, or just inside the house something new or something interesting from which I can compose my thoughts. Since I am getting hooked with macro photography, the flowers that are just flowers for me before, now they are more interesting objects to me. We have many flowers in the garden. Every day, I checked what is new with them. They are the same flowers that I know, but every time I go and look closer, my imagination gone far on how they will will look like in macro. I love macro photography and it is my newest addiction! Hahaha!

My son is now sleeping and I seized the chance to be alone in the garden. I am glad that although a bit cold today, at least it is a dry day with the yellowish glow of the sunshine. I made some beautiful macro photos to share again. I do hope you will like them.

For those who just came in to follow my blog, I want to let you know that I am not a professional photographer. I am simply a hobbyist photographer. As how I obtained my college degree through home-study, my photography is also a self-effort. My husband gives me some pointers when I needed it. It is funny because I love photography now than him! Now that some people and some professional photographers around the world recognized that I can make a beautiful photo, I also just started dreaming... Dreaming that one day, I will get a full recognition of my work... By the way, I am enjoying both: photography and blogging! Until here and I am wishing you all a great and relaxing weekend!


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