18 September 2016

Cooking Chile Con Carne

my very own, my first time to cook chile con carne.
Yesterday, I have added another dish that is going to be a home favorite, the chile con carne. I thought chile con carne is a complicated dish. I am wrong because it is easy to cook and very affordable. I remember, when we were at Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera, the Steps and Garden Restaurant invited us to have dinner there because their menu that night was the chile con carne. Now, I can also cook a delicious chile con carne.

I invited my mother in law to join in our dinner and I am happy that she liked my cooking. Here is how I cooked my chile con carne:
150 ml water

tomato blocks, black beans, and the chile con carne mix

red onion and red paprika

ground beef

500 grams ground beef
medium size onion.
1 piece paprika
390 grams Heinz tomato blocks
400 grams black beans
Chile Con Carne mix
150 ml water
1 tbsp oil

Heat the pan with oil. Cook the ground beef until the meat turned brown. Add the onion, paprika, 150 ml water, and the chile con carne mix. Cook for around 10 minutes, then add the black beans, make sure you drain the water.  Mix well and turn the stove on medium heat, do not cover because it will become watery.  Mix occasionally. You know it is done when it is  a bit sticky and the black beans are already cooked. Serve hot with rice.
this is how it look before adding the tomato blocks

my son and my mother in law, enjoying the moment and my chile con carne :)

Enjoy your meal!

San Antonio was a tourist destination and helped Texas-style chili con carne spread throughout the South and West. Chili con carne is the official dish of the U.S. state of Texas as designated by the House Concurrent Resolution Number 18 of the 65th Texas Legislature during its regular session in 1977. -Wikipedia 

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