09 September 2016

De Weerribben-De Wieden, Netherlands: A National Park

The sign board of Weerribben-Wieden National Park. I am so confuse of this double ee, double rr, and double b. Hahahaha!
I already wrote about our holiday in Gierhoorn, the small village in The Netherlands, where the streets are made of water. During our vacation, we spent our time in sight seeing around the Weerribben-Wieden National Park, riding in the boat. It's been an awesome experience. On this blog, I would like to show selected photos that I made at that place.
road sign.
wooden bridge
a house that sitting in the water.

The Weerribben-Wieden National Park is a national park in the Steenwijkerland, municipality of the province of Overijssel. Honestly, while I am writing this, I always check my spelling of the places. I think, aside from the Dutch language, the spelling of the places in The Netherlands is also one of the things that takes time before one can master. I am so confused of Weerribben, with this double ee, double rr, and double bb.
tree, grass, and lilies.



can't get close enough :)

sight seeing.

According to Wikipedia, De Weerribben and De Wieden has an area of roughly 100 square kilometers (39 sq mi). The park was founded in 1982, but the De Wieden was added only in 2009.

Every afternoon, we glide in the swamp riding in the boat that Vakantiepark Giethoorn provided to all their guests. The boat is included in the package if you will stay at their cabin. So many things to see around the park. The park that full of peat and water.
cotton field.

the border.

The Weerribben-Wieden National Park is managed by Natuurmonumenten and by Staatsbosbeheer. I have read that the area is still used for cane production. Me and my family enjoyed our time there and I hope you will also enjoy viewing some of the photos that I want to share with all my blog readers.
Have a happy and restful weekend!

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