08 September 2016

Old And Not So Old Photos... On Memory Lane

me the second from the left. A tiny button; first grader :)

Sometimes, it is my frustration that I do not have baby photos :(
Today, me and my friends in the Philippines are grieving because we lost one of our dear and very close friend in death, untimely death. This morning, I tried to dig my old photos and those old photos brings back a lot of memories. There are happy memories, and there are some with a pang of sadness. This year alone, I lost two of my friends in death.

This morning, I tried to write, but it was like my mind is drifting, going to a faraway place. I stopped writing, and that topic is now on my pending. I am looking at old photos on my Facebook and I saw some old photos that put a smile on my face. Here I am now, writing again with enthusiasm. I want to show some of these photos and be with me on the memory lane.
First time in Puerto Galera/Citibank Days

Gear up for banana boat ride :)

The first time that I went in Puerto Galera. It was May 1, a public holiday in the Philippines, my Citibank Days. It was really all fun! I never forget the fun I have riding on a banana boat, watching the sunset from White Beach.

My first time and I think also my last shot of Frangelico! Hahahaha! I am not an alcohol drinker, not even beer or red wine. At Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera, they call Frangelico as Chocolate Cake.
my jump shot, photo made by my husband.
My son on my first ultra sound.

drawing, myself when I was pregnant :)

me on my last week of pregnancy, my husband making a souvenir of my big belly.
I miss having short hair!
The buggers happy bugging :)
One thing that struck me early is that you don't put into a photograph what is going to come out. Or, vice versa, what comes out is not what you put in. -Diana Arbus

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