22 September 2016

Little Things

Little things. The thought of losing them makes them unbearably dear. It is easy to forget at a time like this that life also features cruelty, indifference, brutality, perversion, bigotry, starvation, venality, madness, corruption. I only think of the sweetness. Of the simple little things... The quarter moon, the taste of an orange, the blooming of red flowers, the smell of the pages of a new book, the childlike fun I feel in licking an ice-cream cone, and the haven of my home. If I pause to listen, I hear the cheerful voices of my friends who always there to call me and leave me messages, now they are just an echo behind my head. What I have now, are the voices of the man I love and the boy that completed our marriage life. The world is hurtling toward me, all the pieces of my heart flying at me at once. I will be leveled by love if I don't care.

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