23 September 2016

Long Weekend At Bungalowpark Hoenderloo

Last year's summer when we have our vacation here. I already wrote in my blog the experience I have had here. This time, we are back for a long weekend. My mother in law and my sister in law are already here since Monday. They called us if we like to join with them this weekend. I told my husband I want to. My husband finished his work yesterday (Thursday) and we traveled this morning going here at Hoenderloo.

I am full of excitement. I am excited to see again the beautiful cabins of Bungalowpark Hoenderloo . On the way, I already made some beautiful photos, the feeling of familiarity is warming me. The narrow road that engulfed in the thick forest, the hostel for the horses, the look very remote bus stop. I feel glad to be back.

We arrived around 11 o clock in the morning. Dutch people are now enjoying the autumn vacation. Most of the vacationers are already wearing vest or warm clothing, and so am I. I wrote this on my Facebook this morning: "Now in Hoenderloo. Drinking coffee, feeling the autumn wind, watching the leaves swaying... And falling on the grassy ground."

After lunch, we all walked to the forest. We enjoyed it, especially my son. His amazement to everything he sees is endless. The view is really breathtaking. I made many beautiful photos with my family using my Canon camera. I can upload them and will share them once we are back home. For now, I have a short video from where I am. Have a nice weekend!

Hoenderloo is a Dutch village located south west of the city of Apeldoorn. Most of the village is part of the municipality of Apeldoorn, but a small part belongs to the municipality of Ede, among which the hamlet Hoog Baarlo. Wikipedia


  1. A little correction: I wrote that I have a shirt video from here. I am sorry, I am using only my iPad writing this blog and I got a hard time uploading a video. I shared a few lovely photos instead. Thank you.

  2. Your son looks so happy in nature. Wonderful place, lovely pics!


  3. Yes he is enjoying so much! He doesn't mind even we walked long time 😊