24 September 2016

Second Day At Bungalow Park Hoenderloo

It is our second day here at Bungalowpark Hoenderloo. I am sitting here in our  upstairs bedroom, waiting my son to feel drowsy, until he retires to bed. We wake up together very early. At 6 o clock in the morning, when all around here were still sleeping, he wanted us to go downstairs already. So, we started our day early, but good. After we eat breakfast, my husband took us to Paleis Het Loo, in Apeeldoorn.

I do not know about Paleis Het Loo. Last night, before we sleep, I read a travel magazine provided by Bungalowpark, the magazine To Inspire. There are many places to visit here in The Netherlands that are featured in the magazine. The Paleis Het Loo roused my interest. But I do not want to elaborate about it, I want to hang you a bit, because this story is something special, with the beautiful photos that I made there. I will write all about Paleis Het Loo when we are back home.

But I know Apeeldoorn. We had our holiday in Epe three years ago that ended up in the Hospital because I got sick. From Bungalow Park we traveled thirty minutes by car to Apeeldoorn, where Paleis Het Loo is located. The scenery is beautiful, forest, hills, and quaint Dutch homes. Honestly, there are still times that I can't almost believe it that a girl who grown up in the most populated barangay in The Philippines is living in this beautiful country and enjoying a Dutch life.

The weather here is like summer again. When we were traveling back here in our cabin this afternoon, the temperature is 25 degrees. We eat dinner early because my son is very tired. We do not use his buggy anymore. He loves to walk.  This is Hoenderloo and it is like I am embracing the beauty of nature.

*the video is from YouTube.

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