25 September 2016

From A Long Weekend In Hoenderloo, Bringing Back Home Memories And Beautiful Photos Too

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.
Are you familiar with that quote on my photo caption? That is indeed very true, not only just a travel but also a rest or a meaningful vacation. We are back home from a long weekend in Hoenderloo and took home beautiful memories and beautiful photos.

a great weekend with my Dutch family.

in the middle of the woodland.

my husband my son who loves to pick up anything.

sign post inside the thick forest.

just having family fun in the forest.

i am on the trail so I can catch up something interesting :)
the woodland

We left my mother in law and my sister in law in Hoenderloo. They will stay there for another week. My son who is enjoying so much do not like to go home yet, even me, but my husband needs to be back at work tomorrow and my son in school. I feel a tinge of sadness as we left Hoendeloo, leaving behind my mother in law and my sister in law. This long weekend with them gave me an assurance that I am a real family member to them.
our cabin.
me :)

my husband, watcher as our son having a shower.

a night of fire, red wine, and good times.

stairs going to our bedroom

our kitchen

our living room

our son in his bedroom corner

goodnight :)

Bungalowpark Hoenderloo is considered as a luxury accommodation for Dutch people. But I noted it that there are also other guests from other countries based on the car plates of some cars in the parking. Our cabin is good for four persons. With two bedrooms upstairs, one downstairs. We have our small kitchen, bathroom, toilet, hot shower, garden, free wifi, and the one that I like the most, the fireplace. During summertime, there is also a big swimming pool for all the guests. There is a tennis court, and other amenities.
me and my son.

family picture :)

my son and my mother in law

dry and dying

our walk in the hills
I love this photo!

give way to the stallions

the narrow main road

Hoenderloo is good for all nature lovers. Hoenderloo is an area surrounded by woodland, various flora and fauna, and sand drifts. I have read from the travel magazine that vacationers sometimes encounter animals like deer, roebucks, and wild boar. During our walk in the forest this morning, what we encounter are stallions, that amazed my son so much. He even knows now the poo of the horse! Hahahaha!

Bye for now, Hoenderloo!

When you are in Hoenderloo, you will see that this place had so much to offer, both for people who love outdoors and for those who just seek a place where they can rest and have peace.

I brought home memories and photos too. Please view some of the beauty that I found during our long weekend in Hoenderloo. As I am writing this and recalling the good times we have in Hoenderloo, I feel really grateful that I have a family.


  1. Lovely place and nice sistemation, love the fire place. Enjoy that beautiful nature! Kisses.


  2. hi Florentina! Thanks for the comment. Yes, it is very lovely there. I also love the fireplace, cozy and romantic hahahaha!