26 September 2016

Visiting A More Than 300 Years Old Palace, The Paleis Het Loo

Until now, I cannot almost believe it that this girl who grown up at the most populated barangay in the Philippines can see grand things and places in the world. Me and my son infront of the Paleis Het Loo.

my husband and my son who keeps on looking back in the basin.
So I am back! I am now ready to write about one of the most beautiful places that I visited here in The Netherlands, the Paleis Het Loo. We were on our long weekend in Hoenderloo, when I saw in the travel magazine about this grand and majestic place. I told my husband about it that night and the following morning we went there.
the big stable, there are still horses live here.

the big car garage, many old cars inside.

me with an old chariot of the king.

coffee area

the gravel path to the great garden

my son taking his shirt off, he likes to swim :)

Never, even in my wildest dream that I thought of seeing a very grand place like Paleis Het Loo. The experience of visiting this palace has made me feel like a princess even for a few hours, to imagine that I am also a member of the royal family! Hahaha! I have many photos made there and I love to share with my readers this extraordinary experience.

I have read first and gathered some information about the Paleis Het Loo. The palace was constructed in the year 1684 and was completed in 1686. The meaning of Paleis Her Loo is The Wood Palace. According to Wikipedia, the symmetrical design of the palace was designed by Jacob Roman and Johan van Swieten. The palace was built for stadtholder-king William lll and Mary ll of England. I just know them by their majestic names through reading, but when we toured inside the palace, I saw their rooms, their bed, where they spent most of their time inside the palace.
me at the palace great garden

fountain and statue

the back of the palace

papa explaining that it is not a swimming pool :)

a part of the big garden

the back of the palace

the big fountain at the back of the palace
variety of flowers 

walls and pillars covering the big garden

The palace was a residence of the House of Orange-Nassau. The residence of the Dutch royal family until the death of Queen Wilhelmina in 1962. The palace has become a state museum since 1984, open for public. It was a great experience for me, seeing the palace interiors, the original furniture, grand objects, and an endless  paintings of the House of Orange-Nassau, they are very old now but its power still speaks to all who comes to visit the palace. There was also a very old Bible inside the palace, I made a photo of it so I can show because it is a bit hard to explain how it looks like.
the royal family in a very old painting

the walling

the bed of the queen

at dining hall

The Bible

I think this the the bed of queen Emma

the bed of the king

at the prince's room.

At the back of the palace is the private "Great Garden". I have never seen any garden like this great garden. A Dutch baroque garden with perfect symmetry. As what the Wikipedia says: perfect symmetry, axial layout, with radiating gravel works, parterres with fountains, basins, and statues. It is funny because my three year old son was started to remove his shirt when he saw the big basin because he said it is swembad or swimming pool. Hahaha!
family picture before we left

waiting for the bus going to our car.

waiting for the bus, infront of the palace.

the shuttle bus going to the parking area.

If you are in the Netherlands, I recommend Paleis Het Loo a worth of your visit. The palace is in Apeeldoorn, at the province of Gelderland, the vacation destination of most Dutch people. The palace is open to all visitors from Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The admission ticket is €14.50 for adults and €5.00  for all 4-17 years old. You can check their website for more information at www.paleishetloo.nl 


  1. Wow... I am spechless... I mean that stable is bigger than my house :-O :-? Very beautiful pictures, all so somptuous, so big... Thank you for all the information too, if we'll ever get there we are prepared. Kisses. See you soon!


    1. Fascinating! Your pictures are like in a fairy tale book.

  2. hahaha! That is exactly what I commented when I saw the stable! Bigger than many people's house! To Celia, yes. It was like living in a fairy tale even for a while when we were there :) Thank you both.

  3. Hi Maggy such an amazing place! I am just in awe , how magnificent of a place. You walked through the rooms (private quarters) the Royal family actually lived in. The grounds/gardens are so impressive. I would love to see it in person. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us. What a lovely weekend you had with your family.

    1. Hello, Anne! Thank you! Yes, the very first king of the Netherlands and his family until to the dynasty lived here. I was in awe too seeing all the impressive and magnificent things inside and even outside the palace.