22 September 2016

Happiness is.... My 15 Happiness!

Note to self: I am responsible for my own happiness.
They say that don't chase happiness, instead create it. For some people, happiness is something tangible such as a big house, a successful career, or a big bank account. For quiet few people, happiness is something intangible like a happy marriage or family life, or a contentment in life. Happiness comes depends on what you really appreciate in your life. Sometimes, the happiness you feel is like a tight squeeze in your heart, you simply feel how warming it it, how reassuring that everything is okay no matter what you are coping right now.
I have written 15 happiness while I was folding laundry this morning. I want to share it with you and hoping that you also feel genuine happiness even on trivial things in life.

1.  You know what you want and you are in the position to get what you want.
2. Knowing you are beautiful, but having the secured feeling that inside, you are more beautiful.
3. Having a crazy selfie with your husband.
4. Seeing "former" friends bitter because they are not expecting that you are going to have a good life.
5. Shopping second hand books.
6.  Watching the full moon in the quiet night, in the big window of your bedroom.
7. A soothing foot massage of your husband.
8. Eating popcorn in a lazy morning with your toddler.
9. You are engrossed in a film on the tv and your husband suddenly approached with your cup of coffee.
10. Cooking a meal with all your heart for family or friends.
11. Sniffing the dirty shirt of your husband.
12. Brushing teeth together before going to bed.
13. You feel comfortable about being alone.
14. The feeling that God really exist and that he truly cares.
15. Last but not the least, finding out that you are prettier than the wife of your ex! Hahaha!

folding and writing.

happiness is... multitasking!

Have a nice day everyone! I am going to be busy to prepare for our long weekend in Hoenderloo. Till then!


  1. I agree with all you've written. Although I'm not a mother I can imagine the happiness their company can give to a mother. Kisses!


    1. Good evening to you, Florentina. Thank you for commenting. I am forever grateful for the gift of motherhood.