09 October 2016

A Delicious Vietnamese Dinner At Little V Rotterdam

our delicious starter at Little V
My first time eating at a Vietnamese restaurant was about two years ago. It was at Pho Vietnamese Restaurant And Noodle Bar in Rotterdam. Last night was my second time, again, in Rotterdam. Me together with my former Dutch Language Course teacher and one of my former classmates at Dutch course who is a Mexican expat.

Because I have tried to dine at a Vietnamese restaurant and I am very satisfied, I make a little inquiry on how many Vietnamese Restaurant are there in Rotterdam. The Trip Advisor has lists of 10 Best Restaurants in Rotterdam. The Little V  is on the top, the Little V Vietnamese Restaurant where we had our dinner last night.
my drink named: flavor of the moment
Yasmin, my Dutch Language teacher and Lili, my Mexican former classmate and friend.

It was a night of laughs, good talks, and delicious Vietnamese drinks and dishes. The truth is I don't drink anything with alcohol. The drinks that we all enjoyed last night are very own drinks of Little V, though I already tried the Vietnamese "slow coffee" at Pho Restaurant.

It was I who first arrived at Little V. I travelled by train. I arrived in Rotterdam 4:15 and our reservation is 5:30. I killed time by going inside the MarktHal, making some photos. Because it was very crowded inside, I did not stay long, I went out and enjoyed my time in the market outside. At exactly 5 o o'clock, I started to find the Little V. My classmate gave me the address and it's not difficult to find the restaurant. It is just at the other side of the Grote Kerk (Big Church).
our big bowl of soup (fat noodles, chicken, shrimp, and fresh tauge, lemon, and coriander for garnishing
I sit in the cozy lounge outside, but one of the staff told me that only those who had a starter meal allowed to sit there. Since we are going to have a complete dinner, our place or our table is inside. So I went inside and the staff led me to our table. It was nice, many lights and our table is with candle lit. One of the waiters gave me the drink menu card. I ordered a drink with a very interesting name: flavor of the moment. I don't drink with ice here in Holland because I always feel cold, but last night, I did like the refreshing minty taste of "flavor of the moment" even it has many ice.
the Vietnamese "slow coffee" is dripping

"slow coffee" is now ready. Very, very delicious!
photo with our main course.

And then, Yasmin (my teacher) arrived. After a few minutes, my classmate Lili also arrived. It was like a grand reunion, even we're just three! Hahaha! The charming waitress took our order. Because Asian restaurants here in the Netherlands have a big serving, me and Lili agreed to share food. It was fantastic because we had starter, we have soup, and the main course. It was so fun when I get my camera and making food photos! Hahaha, I want to share the fun with all my blog readers.
me and Yasmin outside, homebound.

last photo for the day: the Markthal at night.

Is there also a Vietnamese Restaurant in your place? Have you ever tried their foods? I really love their cooking. Last night, I ate fresh (raw) tauge and coriander. My first time. They are very delicious in our soup. Also last night, I was able to eat pechay again! Pechay in The Philippines, here in The Netherlands, it is paksoi. I remember my mother, she deliciously cooks tilapia wrapped in pechay and cooked in coconut milk.

I feel it was not my last in a Vietnamese Restaurant. I am planning to be back at Little V or will try another one. My husband found a wife who loves photos, writing, and dining out every now and then.


  1. Wow, lovely place a lovely experience, everything is amazing! That vietnamese slow coffee sounds great, it's the first time I hear of this. I'm glad you had fun, it is so good to have friends and enjoy going out with them!

    1. Hello, Flo! Thanks again for giving me a warm comment :) Yes, it was really fun and we all enjoyed. I am thinking to go back there just to have again the "slow coffee." It cost 3.50 euro.

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    1. Thank you, Andrei. I appreciate it how you take notice with the appearance of my blog. I like it as cooking style to adapt the new name of my blog, very domesticated. Have a nice day. Are you in Russia?

    2. I noticed the new name of blog too)
      Yes, I am in Russia

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