07 October 2016

A Great Dining Experience At 't Oude Raedthuys

my delightful plate of dessert
Who loves dining out? I bet you do. Me too. The Netherlands has so many good eating places. Because of diverse culture that are residing in The Netherlands, there are restaurants that cater local foods of a specific country. You can find Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Greek, even a Filipino restaurant, and others. But of course, Dutch restaurant offers something that's really different from the rest. What I like when we dine out to a Dutch restaurant is the location, the ambiance, and the food of course.

Last Saturday, my mother in law gave us a dinner treat. It was a great dinner treat. My mother in law is, I would say very classy. Every time she invites us to dine out, for me, it is something to look forward to. She always chooses a fine restaurant for us, where we can enjoy our times together.

' Oude Raedthuys. The restaurant where we have our dinner last Saturday. Oude Raedthuys is located in Schiedam, the next town from Vlaardingen. We have a reservation. When I saw the restaurant from the car, I noticed right away that it is an old building. From the menu card, I have learned that the Oude Raedthuys building was built in 1890. You can calculate how old it is now.

The Oude Raedthuys building is a former town hall, but now it is a beautiful eating place. They served lunch and dinner, I think also brunch. It is a two storey building. When I went upstairs to use their toilet, I saw the place upstairs is to hold events or party.

On the ground floor is a cozy dining room which is ideal for groups. It is cold season now, so I understand it that it gets dark early, and the dining hall is for me dark even there are hanging old lamps. There is also a bar where you can lounge after dinner.

The ground floor is not that spacious. In my estimate, it can accommodate only up to 40 persons. There were three or four staffs that are taking orders and serving. They are fast, brisk, and polite but we waited our foods for nearly an hour.
with my Dutch family.
I ordered for mosselen (mussels). When our foods were served, I eat right away! Hahaha We are used to eating dinner at 6 o clock and that time, I feel really hungry! I don't even make a photo of my big plate of mussels for my blog! Hahaha! It is a fried mussels, sauted in many onions, tomatoes, and paprika. It was very delicious! All of us enjoyed our food, even my son. When we took our seats at our designated table, the life size menu card hanging beside our table, the list of desserts are very tempting! Hahaha!

When we dine out, I usually don't order for dessert. But that night, I love to eat dessert. I have waffles with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and cream. It was a delightful dessert. The waffles is not too sweet, it was like, the ice cream provided the sweetness.
After dinner, we drive back home my mother in law. We all went home merry and full.

Have a nice weekend to all! Until my next dining out! That is very soon because it will be tomorrow with my two dear friends. Bye!


  1. Lovely restaurants and it is even more nice when you are sorrounded by nice people. See you at your next post until then, have fun!

    1. Good evening, Florentina! Thank you again for dropping by and saying something nice for my blog. Yes, a meal tastes tastier when we are with our loved ones. Have a nice weekend! I am excited to go with friends tomorrow :)