06 October 2016

Beauty Inside-Out

Even an expensive make up cannot cover an ugly personality. -Maggy
It is a famous saying: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
 I agree with that, but keeping ourselves clean and in a proper hygiene is a must. There are celebrities who are giving much influence to the people when it comes to beauty products and beauty tips. What they call as "beauty secret" is no longer a secret! Hahaha!

I am a full time housewife and a devoted mother to my son. Sometimes, it is easy to set aside myself, and most of the times, I don't even mind how I look like or I appear like a total mess. When I am just at home, I am so laid back. Sometimes, it is already noon time, but I am still wearing my pajama! Hahaha
While my husband, when he is at home, as soon as he woke up, he shaves right away and shower.

On this blog, I want to share a few of the beauty products that I am using. To be honest, since I arrived here in The Netherlands, I do not buy much of beauty products, there are friends who are regular in giving me beauty products as gifts that I am very grateful for. I truly feel that the best things in life are free. Hahaha!
body foam and body cream that I am using, they are gifts when we visited the Kasteel De Haar.

 A gift that my friend gave to me yesterday when she visited me.

Rituals; gifts from our bank. I love it!

I have a long and very straight long hair. I have hair coloring only once, that is this year. I don't wash my hair everyday. I washed my hair only twice a week, Tuesday and Saturday respectively, but I shower every day. My husband bought a hair dryer/blower for me. In The Philippines, my hair tastes hair dryer or blower only when I go to the hair salon. I don't use conditioner, just a normal shampoo, but I have a Pantene Conditioner that we bought in The Philippines last year.
my favorite eyeshadow

Victoria Secret perfume, also a gift from one of my friends in The Philippines.

I do not use foundation, I use only Johnson's Baby Powder for my face before I put on my favorite eyeshadow. I love wearing red lipstick. It is like, I feel incomplete without a lipstick on my lips. I have a kind of allergy, no, not with foods! Hahaha! On scent or perfume, that when I use perfume, I got a headache the entire day. But not with Victoria Secret. I love Love Spell and Sweet Temptation. The scent of Love Spell brings nostalgia, it brings back my Citibank days.

Even I wear make up sometimes, I feel I still preserve the simplicity on me. I believe that I also have a sophistication, the way I carry myself and the way I treat people regardless of who they are or regardless of how they treat me. Because having a beautiful heart is a true beauty.


  1. Wow... I am really impressed! That eyeshadow from shisheido is perfect, love the colors and bet that victoria's secrets perfume isn't bad either ;) Never seen the other products before but that body scrub and body cream looks so cute and I'd love them too, I bet.
    P.S: I too wash my hair 2 a week, I guess is common for people with long hair, all my friends do the same. Greetings!
    Ah, I agree with what you said about the ugly personality ;)

    1. Hi Florentina! Thank you hahaha I am laughing here! Frequent washing of hair can dry the hair, iT lose the natural glow. Really nice to exchange ideas with you.

  2. [Sometimes, it is already noon time, but I am still wearing my pajama! Hahaha]

    hahaha, oh yeah, me too. Makeup days are pretty rare for me. Even then, it's done in about 7 minutes, from skin care cream to the finished face.

    Pretty basic.

    I only wash my hair twice a week too (long hair), but I use shampoo and conditioner from the Natural Health store in our town (all plant based). Expensive, but really love what it does for my hair and how it leaves it feeling.

    1. good morning, Gracey! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Hahaha! Nice to know that we have something in common. I love simplicity of domestic life.