28 October 2016

Lumpia, Loempia, Loenpia, Or Ngohyong

In the Philippines this is lumpia. This is spring roll of Chinese origin, but also found and common in Indonesia. Here in the Netherlands, lumpia is also a regular entry in many Asian restaurants. Lumpia, loempia, loenpia, or ngohyong.

It was twice already that I made lumpia here in the Netherlands. My very Dutch husband comes to like some of my Asian cooking, including lumpia. Lumpia is easy to prepare, easy to cook. I also found out that the Turkish store nearby is selling lumpia wrapper for only €2.75.
use the egg wash to seal the lumpia wrapper

my lumpia: consists of carrots, coriander, onion, paprika, and egg yolk. 

500 grams ground meat (I like ground beef)
Lumpia wrapper (the entire package has 40-50 pcs)
250 grams shredded carrots
250 grams shredded coriander
1 pc paprika, also shredded
1 pc medium size onion
1 egg (keep the egg wash separately to seal the wrapper)
For seasoning, you can use lumpia ready mix

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl, including the egg yolk and the lumpia ready mix. Mix well.
Spread the lumpia wrapper on a flat, clean surface or in a big plate.
Spoon the lumpia mix to the wrapper and wrap the lumpia like you are wrapping a small gift. I suggest two tablespoons of lumpia mix for every wrapper. It is light, easy to fry, and bite-size.
Don' forget to use the egg wash to seal the lumpia wrapper.

Frying: if you have a French fries fryer, you can fry your lumpia there. You can also use even a pan as long as you dip fry the lumpia for a crunchy result.

Lumpia is good with sweet and sour sauce. I also like dipping it in vinegar with crushed garlic, or soy sauce with lemon. Enjoy!

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