31 October 2016

Travel Gluttons In Delft

Delft Market Square
Delft, a canal-ringed city in the western Netherlands, half an hour drive from our home, known as the manufacturing base for Delftware, those charming hand painted blue-and white pottery, the city with beautiful medieval buildings, and Dutch in every way market square.

Another exciting door has opened up to me. The door to write and become a team member of Travel Gluttons. What is Travel Gluttons? Here is the link:  Travel Glutton

Street photograpy.
Travel photography tips: include people.
Yesterday, I had the privilege to meet the team, not just a meet and greet but an entire day of meeting, learning, brainstorming. I am telling you, the women behind Travel Gluttons are empowering, supportive, fun, and beautiful. If the word gluttons sound indulging, the team members are all modest in every manner.
Our morning at Het Konings Huys Restaurant, Delft.

The team met at the Het Konings Huys Restaurant at 10 o'clock, Sunday. Again, thanks to my husband for driving me to Delft, since I do not want to be late. The Het Konings Huys sit at a unique place in Delft. Our editor in chief made the reservation. The restaurant is in the market square of Delft. If you prefer to sit on the terrace, the view is worth to have a drink or a good meal at Het Konings Huys. The Nieuw Kerk and the beautiful City Hall are just in front.

Part of our meeting is the tips given by our editor in chief on food photography and also on travel photography. I really enjoyed that part. Our meeting at Het Koninghuys ended around 12. Our group was split up into two groups, and we have the task to go around the city, make photos and using some of the tips given to us. After doing the task, following the map that our editor gave us, the two groups will meet at Mills & Hills, another restaurant where we are going to have our lunch and to practice our food photography skills.
Spelt sandwich at Mills & Hills

Fruit salad and carrot cake, Mills & Hills.

My composition, my plate.

Mills & Hills has this tag line: Pure Food Cafe. Hills & Mills created a group lunch for our team, they ensure that they have enough food for us, to consume and to photograph. Our team has the premium lunch that consists of: spelt sandwiches, quinoa salad, chickpea salad, fruit salad, carrot cake, mango lassi, and (sparkling) water. You can imagine how fun it was when the food was being served, all of us take our time, and our turn to photograph the food before taking our share. It was really fun, I enjoyed my time being with these people who love food, photos and words... Just like me.


  1. I love your photos, like you I think photos are nicer if it includes people. Keep having fun and doing all this good work.
    Flo di https://femeieastazi.blogspot.it/

    1. Good evening, Flo. Thank you. Yes, a good photography includes people. I just respect the fact that not all people like to be photograph 😊