22 October 2016

An Eat All You Can Dinner At Wok Restaurant Wilhelminahaven, Vlaardingen

My plate of sushi.

I love it that I can arrange my dessert.
How time has flown by. One weekend gone, another weekend comes. This evening, I enjoyed the dinner treat of my in laws at the Wilhemina Wok Restaurant. This is also what  I love in this small town where I live, there are good restaurants that offer fine dining. The Wilhelmina is an eat all you can restaurant, right in the heart of the city of Vlaardingen, near the Vlaardingen Centrum train station, facing the Waterweg.
Last year's anniversary at Wilhelmina.

my plate of terepiyake: salmon, shrimp, and lamb.

I think this is my fourth time at Welhilmina. I always love their dishes, especially the Asian fusion and the terepiyake. This evening, I found out that in the parking area, you can view a beautiful sunset. While my husband parked our car, I caught the sunset with my iPhone at the side mirror. A beautiful sight in an almost winter wonderland.
Sunset at the parking area.

For my son's love of trucks. This evening before going home.

This evening I have tried sushi, they are on my third plate. Hahaha! My first plate was a wok cooking, a mixed of shrimps, mussels, crab fillet, mushrooms, string beans (sitaw), and paprika in garlic sauce. It was very delicious. My son and my husband also enjoyed their food.

The Wihelmina is always full. Their food is varied and delicious, and the price is good.
The staff and crew are fast, effecient, and friendly. This is one of the restaurants that I love to go back to. 


  1. I simply love sushi, can't get enough of eating it! I see you ate at a fushion restaurant, sounds interesting although I never ate shrimp and lamb together but I think it has to be very good. P.S: your son looks so little and cute in compared with that big truck :D Greetings!

  2. Hello, Flo! Thank you for visiting and for commenting 😊 The terepiyake has that all, shrimp and lamb, so I tried them both once. They are delicious with fresh tomatoes and cucumber. I love how sushi presented, they are like small gifts. My son loves trucks, and it was a treat for him that we have photo there. Good evening.