13 October 2016

The Gallery Of My Beautiful Calendars 2017

I am now a stay at home wife and mother. I am a laidback person, but at home, I use my time to become creative so I will not feel bored and worthless as how many stay at home women feel. Because of that, I created nine beautiful calendars that are available online since 2014, and still creating. 
Here is the link of my beautiful calendars, available or soon available at Amazon Books, BookButler, Book Depository, and Speedyhen. Please check them. www.calvendo.co.uk/galerie/autor/maggy-baas-san-jose/

Every year, our family visits Keukenhof, the largest tulip garden in the world. The photos are made from Keukenhof.
 Very inspired of my holiday in Giethoorn that I was able to created this calendar.
There is something in black and white or monochrome: solemn.

Very close to my heart. The beauty and the simplicity of the life in the Philippines.

Vlaardingen. A small town (city) in South Holland. Old. Historical. Where I live.

This is something special. My precious one. My first calendar ever!

Pastel. Flower. Quotes. Inside is an organizer.

Wherever life will takes me... I am always proud of my root, of my origin. The colorful Philippines.

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