21 November 2016

Attending The Circuit Assembly in Swifterbant, the Netherlands

me and my son 
Sunday is always a special day for me. I have grown up that Sunday is a day to remember our Grand Creator Jehovah, to set aside the busyness in life to sustain our life's needs for spiritual sustenance. I have regular readers now around the world who are also having faith and beliefs.
Swifterbant is in the provinve of Flevoland; the province of many windmills. This one is through my Iphone, approaching Swifterbant.

Yesterday, me and my son had attended our one day Circuit Assembly at the newly constructed assembly hall in Swifterbant, Netherlands. It was a stormy and very cold day. From home, it was about two hours travel. We travel in the dark morning, the view of the highway is stiff, grim, as if the whole world is sleeping in a cold Sunday morning.
Happy girls are the prettiest :)

meeting two Filipina friends.

On the way, in the dark, I remember all those assemblies and conventions that I have attended all my life, both in the Philippines and here in the Netherlands. These spiritual gatherings always bring both joy and tears in my eyes. It is really true that some people will remain in your heart, but not in your life. I remember those dear friends that I left behind.
My little one.

Our little one.

I have some photos that I love to share. Photos that show how joyful it is to be in this special spiritual occasion. I am sharing a blog about my faith because it is one of the helps that I got in this world to have a meaningful life and inner peace.

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