17 November 2016

Winter Blues

My pink rose 
The climate here in the Netherlands gets very cold. The flowers of summer already bid goodbye for a while, while the autumn leaves at present are scattered everywhere. A beautiful sight for you to see, and we are now entering the wintertime, when snow falls again and that particular view is especially reminds me of the sad winter at the film, Snow Falls At Cedar.
a flowering cactus, just here inside our home.

I feel very laid back, I paused in making photographs, I paused in writing. It is actually true that winter can cause depression to many, as if there are times that the world stops. It is fun because I know some friends who are all their life long to experience the winter. Now that I am here, I wish winter last only for a moment. Anyway, the thought of going to the Philippines in January to visit my family and to enjoy the tropical sunshine is enough for me to carry on with the Dutch winter and these annoying layered clothing.
this one is almost dry and dying... but still beautiful.

I just arrived from school, I grabbed my camera and want to make even a little but beautiful photos. Click... Click. Click. Here and there. I have now some beautiful photos to share. Again, flowers in macro. I'm feeling tired. I feel cold. I feel really lazy. But I am not in the position to complain. That's all for now.


  1. Such beautiful flowers, you take care of them very well. Love the colors!

    1. Hello, Flo! Thank you for the visit! With these always gloomy days, I need some bright colors to lighten my mood :) Good evening!

  2. Hi Flo,
    Lovely to read about the vibrant 🌸 and fauna that appear at various times in the year. I for one, love growing them in my garden, especially English roses.
    Keep up the good work Florentina. Thank you.xx