24 November 2016


Home is where we all want to be when things in this world get rough.
Home is the smell of a freshly baked bread or cake.
Home is where you can sit with your feet up, or eat with your hands.
Home is where the glass of your window has the marks of cute tiny hands.

Home is where you free making a mess, but a haven of your peace.
Home is where you hold your most favorite things, people, and memories.
Home is where you can wear pajama all day and watching a movie back to back.
Home is where you create things, mostly by heart and not by the head.

Home is where you stretched your back at night, and you feel refreshed.
Home is where every corner is familiar, has emotion.
Home is where the love of your love lives, and your heart dwells.
Home is where you feel committed, but free.

~Maggy Baas-San Jose

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