25 November 2016

Why Birds Are Special?

I am glad there are birds, they are my friends. 
Finally, it is weekend once again. Not much things to say or to share. Except the enjoyment I have today with the birds at the lake nearby. I feed them, and as closer I observed them, I concluded that birds too are special. I have collected quotes about birds. I wrote them beneath the photographs I made. I hope you will enjoy both reading and viewing my photos, all I made today. Have a nice weekend!
In an age when we experience so much of our world through glass-screens, windows, windshields, --birds are a vital connection to the wild. They reach across any barrier, flitting, surprising, and dazzling, always there to refresh my sense of wonder. -Thor Hanson, Author

Conjuring a world without birds is a thing I don't dare imagine, like the death of a child. Their fate is our own. -Joel Sartore, Photographer

Birds represent a link to both our natural environment and to the possibility of freedom to soar without boundaries. -Rue Mapp, Founder, Outdoor Afro

Birds are important because they keep system in balance; they pollinate plants, disperse seeds, scavenge carcasses and recycle nutrients back into the earth. But they also feed our spirits, marking for us the passage of seasons, moving us to create art and poetry, inspiring us to flight and reminding us that we are not only on but of, this earth. -Melanie Driscoll, Director of bird conservation for the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi Flyway

The sheer ubiquity of birds makes them almost unavoidable. Birds are the always-present possibility of an awakening to the natural world that too many people have not yet experienced.- Corey Finger, Blogger


  1. Wow, such beautiful photos and such a beautiful place! Congratulations for the photos you took, you are very talented. Wish you a great sunday. See you soon.
    P.S: I like birds too and I envy them for being able to fly. :D


    1. Hello, Flo! Thank you for the visit! See me soon? Are you coming to visit me and the Netherlands? Uh love to meet you!