26 November 2016

Veerplein 18, Vlaardingen

My drink in a signature cup.
they serve this breakfast or brunch
In our small city of Vlaardingen, you can find not only old and historical buildings. You can also find nice restaurants, bars, and cafes. Most of these are in a beautiful structure, European in style, the food is really likable. Saturday is our market day. Our family usually goes to the centrum, to shop and to eat. One thing that I like on market day is the Dutch fish kibbeling. There is a fish stall in the market that sells fried kibbeling with a delicious sauce.
with my husband.

a special corner for the little ones.

Vulcaan Beer, originally made in Vlaardingen.

home of sweets.

But there is a regular place in the city where our family loves to have our lunch, or even for just a warm drink. The Veerplein 18. Veerplein 18 is a quaint and cozy lunch cafe, with pies and a gift shop. My son loves their orange drink, my husband loves their coffee, and I love their hot chocolate drink.

Veerplein 18 is open for breakfast or brunch. They also sell the old beer originally made in Vlaardingen, the Vulcaan Beer.  I love dining out. In real life, I love to share: both my food or the photo of my food. Sharing some photos again. Enjoy your weekend!

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