07 November 2016

Homemade Iced Coffee

I know many of you love ice coffee. I think, McDonald's serve ice coffee. I am not sure of it because as far as I am concerned, I like my coffee hot. My mother in law likes ice coffee instead of dessert.

This is not a late night blog, but a prime-time blog. Hahaha! I am thinking what to write today when all of a sudden, my husband asked me if I like an ice coffee. I said, "yes." As he popped out to make our ice coffee, I grabbed my camera and want to share with my readers my husband's version of ice coffee.
Very strong black coffee.

To cool the coffee.

Scoops of ice cream with Hershey's chocolate toppings.

Ice coffee by my husband.

You need:
3 to 4 teaspoonful of white sugar
2 mini cups of very strong black coffee (1 mini cup of coffee for each glass).
6 scoops of vanilla ice cream (for each glass are 3 scoops)
Hershey's chocolate syrup or toppings
2 large glasses

Here is how:
Mix the sugar and coffee, then cool it by putting in a large bowl with ice cubes.
Scoop the ice cream into the large glass.
Add the coffee mix and mix well.
Adding Hershey's chocolate syrup or toppings is optional.

Promise! This is easy but very delicious even during winter time.

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