09 December 2016

At The Old Harbor, Vlaardingen

I do not know the technique or how I exactly shoot this photo that it turned out like a painting.
Old Harbor or Oude Haven in Dutch. Vlaardingen
Vlaardingen is a small city in South Holland. The small city with nearly 74,000 populations. One of the attractions in the city is the Oude Haven or in English is Old Harbor.  This Oude Haven is close to our home, I can go here anytime I want. Oude Haven has many boats and sailboats that anchored. When I sit at one of the benches, I feel like I was in the movie. The view for me is always special.
I checked on the internet if there is a tally of how many boats are there in Vlaardingen, but I found now. Instead, I found a website (Gabinohome) where you can rent a boat or a sailboat in Vlaardingen. Yesterday, I went to the harbor. The day was very cold, gray, but I made a few good photos. I have seen from where I was sitting, the setting of the sun in a fantastic cloud formation. The sight was dramatic, but calming.


  1. Maggy on kingsday (koningsdag) U always can climb the churchtower nice fotos can b taken at the top.

    1. Thank you, Jan. I am good too in tree-climbing hahahaha! Have a nice weekend!