10 December 2016

The Delicious Dutch Snack Kibbeling

This plate of kibbeling is for 6 euros
Have you ever heard "kibbeling"? Kibbeling is a popular Dutch snack, especially in the Dutch market on market day. I like its taste, also my son. Kibbeling consists of battered chunks of deep fried fish, it is perfectly taste good with a mayonnaise or garlic sauce.

Honestly, I am not a well knowledge of the fishes that are being sold in the Dutch market, except for salmon, mackerel, and herring. The kibbeling word come from kabeljauwwangen, cod cheeks. From what I got from the information on the internet, it denoted the salted waste of the cod fishery, which was an important part if the popular diet in the Netherlands during the nineteenth century.

I have here the photo of the delicious fried kibbeling that most Dutch people love. If you were in the Netherlands, you will find kibbeling so easily among the stall in the Dutch market. Prepare a napkin because I am sure, the delicious garlic sauce will leak in your finger.
my son was about 2 years old when he started to love kibbeling.

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