15 January 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: At Nangoloan Falls

Philippines is renowned because of its beautiful, pristine, white sand beaches. But Philippines have many hidden treasures that still need to be discovered. In the province of Zambales, we know and we visited already some beautiful spots that are not world renowned but also worth your visit.

Yesterday, me and my family visited and held a real enjoyment at Nangoloan Falls in San Felipe, Zambales. We are staying in the capital of Zambales, in Iba. We went there by a van. During our trip, we are talking about how long we will walk to get to the waterfalls. It was a really hot day, and I feel I do not like to walk in a wilderness with my son with that day’s temperature.
But it was a great surprise to find that there are carabaos with a cart that can take visitors, 20 pesos for each person. It was real fun, riding in a cart that being pulled by the carabao. I have read before that it is a kind of cruelty to animals, but I am not in a position to argue.
The water falls is at the foot of a mountain, surrounded by cliffs and rocks. The water is so cool, clear, and refreshing. We made BBQ there, hot dogs and meat. We also brought chicken feet adobo. Filipinos called chicken feet “adidas.” Very yummy with the rice! I noticed that there are other foreigners who arrived, but they did not stay long. We are one week now in the Philippines. I am enjoying, also my husband and my son. Again, I love to share some of my photos of the falls. I hope you will enjoy viewing them. Again, I have proven that some of the most gratifying things in life do not cost thousands and thousands of money. I constantly admire the simplicity of the life in the Philippines and how fun-loving are the Filipinos.

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