17 January 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: Bakasyunan, Our Favorite Vacation Place

In life, you can find a place where you love to go back to. A place that hold a special place in your heart. This is the story of this place that became a vacation place to us, a place where I feel comfortable, now it is like a home to me.

Me and my husband found this place in the year 2011. We were finding a venue for our 12-12-12 wedding. From then on, we became a regular guest here. Every year when we take vacations in the Philippines to visit my family, we invariably choose to stay here.
The name of the place is Bakasyunan, in English it means: a vacation place. It is in Iba, Zambales. Right on the coast line. At the back of the vacation place where there are cabins, conference hall, restaurant, and recreation facilities, is a beach. The beach is clean and hold a striking sunset. It surprised me to see so many flowers around the area, bright and colorful flowers that I photograph every day to share with my page. There are also several fruit trees. I made a photo of a jackfruit. I am not sure if all of you know the taste of the jackfruit. It is so tasty. While I am writing this, my husband and son are in the swimming pool. The day's temperature is I think 28 degrees. I am writing under the shade of a tree, beside the infinity swimming pool. I made photos through my iPhone and I love to share them with you. I hope these photos will set you in a relaxing mood today. 


  1. Wow... 28 degrees during winter is fantastic!!!! The place is a true paradise, I am so glad you are relaxing there!
    P.S: I have never ate the jackfruit, I am wondering what taste it has...
    Flo from

    1. Hi, Flo! We are back at the winter wonderland :) We left with the 34 degrees temperature and we arrived home with -3! I miss sunshine!