18 January 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: Pondering Thoughts Of A Sunset Seeker

The day's temperature reached to 32 degrees. It is almost summertime in the Philippines. It is good that there is a clean swimming pool at the place where we are staying, and also the beach at the back of the vacation home. This afternoon, I took a  moment to walk in the beach to watch the spectacular sunset. I likewise made some photos of the things that interest me. I wrote my name in the sand, and I can't prevent the waves not to rinse it away. The view is lovely. I feel the sense of the simplicity of the life here. There were children playing, there were few young guys who are learning to windsurf, there are fishermen's boats that are ready for an early dawn fishing. My husband remained in our cabin to look for my son. I took my time alone to admire the now a familiar sunset. Now familiar, but its beauty is always a thing that I always look forward to every time we will go for a vacation in the Philippines. Anywhere we go, I always love to photograph sunset. Sunset has sometimes brought tears in our eyes, sometimes the view is dramatic, sometimes calming, sometimes it gives us a reason to become hopeful. Because after sunset, there is always a beautiful sunrise on the succeeding day. Again, please enjoy my photos. Photos I made with my IPhone. Right on the beach.

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