20 January 2017

Philippine Holiday 2017: Simple Life, Simple Pleasure

Our private transport service.

My son.
The way I eat in the Philippines :)

Buko vendor

My father enjoys spending his day, almost everyday watching my son in his portable bathtub.

My son and nephew's simple joy.

A leisure walk in the barrio.

They say that money cannot buy happiness. I would agree with that, but, money is also essential for a good life, particularly when we have a family. But in the Philippines, you can see people, a father or a mother who are doing their utmost to provide a decent life with their family. In western countries where life is more comfortable and people used of luxury, truly admire these family heads who give their sweat and blood to earn for a living.
I have some photos that I love to share to show that the meaning of happiness depends on how one view of life, a life that we hold but we cannot control. I also have some photos that exhibit the simple joys of the life in the Philippines. Simple joys that for me are priceless. They're not big things, but they each simple pleasure can translate to a great day if you use them right.

My favorite, taho.

A bucket of taho

Taho vendor 

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